Saturday, June 19

first and last

Remember how this was pretty much our first date?

Well, unintentionally we decided to reenact it for our last date (as unmarrieds)

Who would've ever guessed that 12.5 months later the two of us would be getting married?


The countdown is officially down to six days. SIX. That's less than one week. And in only 3 days we'll be enjoying the lovely 10 hour drive to CA. In 4 days I'll be picking out flowers and we'll be taking bridals (groomals?). In 5 days we'll be receiving our endowments in the lovely San Diego temple. And in 6 days we'll be getting married.

I can't wait to see all my family and friends that will be in town, or are coming into town for the occasion. Its going to be wonderful.

From RIGHT now its 156 hours, 18 minutes and 32 seconds.

Wednesday, June 9

Maple Lake Fishing

For Memorial Day, Nate and I decided to head to maple lake (in Payson Canyon) for some fishing. We packed a picnic and packed our fishing poles and headed out. It was a wonderful day, and as long as the wind stopped blowing the temperature felt amazing. Nate cast out his line and caught a fish almost immediately, which was pretty frustrating to me and the other fishermen around us. Don't worry though, once I learned that only green power bait was working, I was able to cast a few fish of my own. The limit was 4 each, so we kept 4 each. Total I caught 5 fish and Nate caught 7, which I'd say is a pretty darn successful fishing trip for us. But more important was that we could bond and enjoy each other's company :) 
My cute fiance and I :)
On the way home we saw some horses...
so we decided to stop so I could take some pictures of them...
and we fed them too...
They were beautiful.
It was a gorgeous day at the lake.  
I am upset at Nate because he caught a fish on his first cast, after about 2 seconds in the water.
Here is that fish. 
He's too cute for me to stay mad for too long. 
Some of our fish in the water.
I caught one!
Ha! I caught 4 of those suckers, baby!
Nate didn't actually catch any on his fly ride, but wanted it in the picture anyway, cause it "looks cool" 
My life
I can't wait to marry this goober in 17 days (and counting).

Sunday, June 6

sweet boy.

This weekend was my second bridal shower, the one that my friends were invited to. It was so much fun, mostly cause I got to see friends that I hadn't seen in a couple weeks.

The thing I loved the most was this note that Elise got Nate to write about me. It was so sweet.---

"I love Aimee because she is the most attractive girl I have ever met. By most attractive I not only mean physically, but spiritually and emotionally. She is incredibly smart and has an unbelievable memory. her attractiveness gets magnified 10x bu this rare combination of extreme beauty and intelligence. Her humor is far better than mine (even though mine is incredibly pathetic) and she makes me laugh all the time. Her frugality with money, while incredibly annoying at times, has helped me reign in my wild spending and actually plan for our future together. I could go on for pages with the reasons I love her but I think its very simple to sum up why I love Aimee- she is perfect for me in every way and makes me a much better person than I would be without her in my life- that is why I chose her to be my wife for the entirety of our existence- forever. To share everything together and to pick each other up when we fall down. There is no one else I would rather be with than Aimee. I love her more than anything.

P.S. Someone should probably give her a hug right now- she is more than likely a little moist around her eyes :)"

How did he know that I would be crying after reading that? He knows me so well. Haha. Aren't I so lucky to have a guy like Nate. Someday soon I'll have to write something sweet about him, like this, so he knows how much he means to me too.