25 Before 25

I just turned 24 yesterday. Which means I have 364 days till I turn 25. I want to accomplish these 25 things before my 25th birthday. I will update this list as I accomplish them.

1. Run a 5k  (Half marathon on July 24th, 2013)
2. Read 10 books. (A Walk to Remember, Bah, Humbug!, Married by Mistake, The Notebook, Catch Me If You Can,  Harry Potter and the Sorcerers Stone, Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets, Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban, Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire, Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix)
3. Take a photography class. (UVU Intermediate Photography Jan 31st-March 7th)
4. Get pregnant.
5. Sew a dress for myself.
6. Travel to another country (again - hopefully Europe next summer).
7. Learn a magic trick.
8. Make breakfast in bed for Nate.
9.  Lose 5 pounds (and keep it off till #4 happens)
10. Have 10,000$ in savings. (Aug 16, 2013)
11. Stop biting my nails, for good. (Hopefully the habit won't be replaced by another)
12. Cook a turkey. 
13. Eat vegetarian for 2 weeks. (Nov 4th -Nov 20th)
14. Float the Provo River. (July 13th, 2013)
15. Study ASL.
16. Dye my hair brown. (Nov 10th, 2012)
17. Study German.
18. Sew a blanket/quilt.
19. Paint 2 more rooms in our house. (Kitchen Cabinets)
20. Pay for a stranger's meal. (At Wend'y drive in on Feb 20th)
21. Make a compost bin.  (Nate used this tutorial)
22. Visit a new state with Nate. (Together we have been to Utah, Idaho, California, Wyoming, Washington, Virginia, Maryland and West Virigina. And drove through Arizona, Oregon and Nevada. 39 more to go)
23. Don't eat candy for 1 week. ( Feb 6th- Feb 13th)
24. Make homemade butter.
25. Hike to the top of Timpanogos.


  1. Dad says if you can handle it maybe we can go with you to Europe. We would buy you some food while we are there together.