Thursday, November 4


So those of you that read my blog, have probably already figured it out through facebook, but I'm going to talk about it here anyway. On Monday we got the cutest yellow lab puppy (purebred) and we named him Aspen. He was definitely the calmest one in his litter, and we don't mind at all. He's still very playful and can get riled up if we let him, but at the same time, he's still such a snugger. He loves being near us, especially when we're watching a movie or tv, he'll make sure his body or head is right on us and I don't mind cause he keeps me warm.

He's a pretty well behaved puppy too. He (mostly) is potty trained. Though we've had a few accidents. We're working on it, and he's getting better. He even slept through the night without whining to go outside, and didn't pee in his room either. (Don't mind the fact that he pooped on the kitchen floor as soon as we let him out). 

He's just so cute, I try to stay mad at him, but he tries to snuggle and play with me and its so hard. Plus, once its passed he's probably forgotten what he's done anyway. But we're working on it. He's learning his name, and come and sit. Stay will probably take a little longer.

Here's a few pictures for your enjoyment :)

 They put a bow on him for us, he looked so cute. He was a little scared during the car ride.
 Pet me. Pet me!
 Daddy loves him too.
 Slipping on the kitchen floor as he chases the toy.
 Already fetching.
 Snoozing on the couch.

 Isn't he the cutest? I sure love him.
 Kissies. He loves to give them too.
Sniffing and eating some grass.
I just think this is the cutest picture of him, too bad my feet are in it.


  1. He is so precious!

  2. very cute-we can't wait to get a doggie someday!

  3. I love him!
    And his name!
    And your feet in the picture!!

    So so so cute.

  4. We have a Chocolate Lab and her name is Aspen! :) They are so much fun. He is adorable!

  5. This post just makes me jealous. Unfortunately we live in an upstair apartment and it's not ideal for a puppy. Where did you get him?

  6. Phil needs to go over to your house every once and a while to get his "puppy fix". he thinks he wants one, but i keep telling him he really doesn't :) (aka...i really don't)

  7. He's just way too dang adorable.

  8. He is cute. Kind of reminds me of when our dog, Sport, was little. Hide your shoes. Sport chewed many of the backs of ours. Have fun with him.

  9. In answer to your question...Our Aspen retrieved on her own (similar to what it looks like your pup is doing) at first. My husband trains her to hunt though...he does 2-45 min. training sessions a day with her.

  10. oh goodness, he is so sweet. i want him!

  11. Oh my gosh! He's the cutest thing ever!!! This makes me want a puppy, SO bad!

  12. oh my goodness. hello, adorable puppy! i love him!
    and yes, I just found your blog! i didn't even know you were married! congrats!!!

  13. I'm so jealous that you have a puppy :)