Tuesday, November 30

Let it Snow

As most of you know, we got a pretty big snowstorm on Saturday and Sunday (it wasn't any blizzard - but the snow was coming down pretty constantly.) On Saturday we put up Christmas lights (thankfully, before the snow came) outside. Our house looks so festive now. (Pictures to come soon)

I think Aspen likes running around in the snow. Though after too long he gets a little cold. But we got him a cute (ugly) sweater to keep him warm. (I can't post pictures till after our party, when he'll make his debut).

But I will post a couple cute pictures of him playing in the snow.

 He likes to eat (drink?) the snow so his nose often looks like this.
He can be a little crazy sometimes.
I just love this picture of him. He's such a pretty puppy. 

I'm getting sad at how quickly he is growing up. I just realized the other day that he doesn't have his puppy face anymore. He's turning into a full grown dog (if only he could act like one, and stop peeing in the kitchen). I just wish he could stay a baby forever.


  1. cute, cute, cute. we loved playng with this little guy!

  2. Oh my gosh...he is darling!! This makes me want a puppy so bad!