Sunday, April 29

Lava - April 21 2012

Last weekend we were able to go up to Lava with Dain and Ash, to meet Nate's grandparents at their summer home up there. The weather while we were there was absolutely perfect.

We arrived late Friday night, and spent some time chatting. Saturday was started bright and early with a delicious breakfast of pancakes, sausage and eggs. The rest of the day was spent enjoying being outside. With four wheeling trips, a visit to the pond (where one of us had an unexpected swim), picture taking, and lots of fun.

Can't wait till we get to visit again.


Sunday, April 22

Spring 2012

Whenever spring comes around I remember how much I actually do love Utah.

Easter 2012

This year for Easter Nate and I hung out at home, just the two of us. But don't you worry, that doesn't mean our holiday wasn't filled with the wonderful traditions. We dyed eggs and had an egg hunt. I hid eggs downstairs for Nate to find, while he hid them upstairs for me to find.

Aspen and Liebe both loved the plastic Easter eggs as well. Liebe loves swatting them around and Aspen loves to chew them.