Thursday, February 14

Family Photos Nov 2012

In November I won a blog giveaway and won a free photo shoot from Lacey Smith Photography. Of course I am always happy to have my picture taken and I was able to get Nate to agree to it as well.

We went with bright colors, with copper, yellow and blue and figured that would be a good combo to go with the fall colors. We got lucky that the day we wanted to go to Thanksgiving Point was Dog Day and so we got to take Aspen with us to take our pictures.

I love how they turned out and here are a few of my favorites.


Wednesday, February 13

25 Update

A couple of weeks ago I realized almost 6 months of my year is up. Six months have gone by since I made my 25 goals and I have only fully accomplished TWO of them. Two of twenty five things in 6 months, means I have another 23 to finish off in my remaining 6 months. And the odds are not in my favor. So I gave each goal a time frame for when I want to accomplish it, of course by Aug 17, of this year, but I need to start some of these things NOW.

The two goals I have completely finished are:
 #13 Eat vegetarian for 2 weeks I did that in November and actually went almost 2.5 weeks and
 #16 Dye my hair brown. I also did that in November.

There are a couple other goals I am currently working on:
#2 Read 10 books (I have read 4)
#3 Take a photography class (I am taking a photo class right now through UVU, 4 more weeks to go)
#9 Lose 5 pounds (I am continuing to track my calories and watch what I eat)
#11 Stop biting my nails, for good (They are getting longer, and I am making sure to have them painted almost always)
#17 Study German (About twice a week I go on and study)
#18 Sew a blanket/quilt (I finished the top side of my jean blanket, I just need to figure out what do do for the bottom.
#21 Make a compost bin (This one is almost completely done, though Nate should get all the credit - we just need to start composting now)
#23 Don't eat candy for a week (Today is my last day!)

But that still leaves #s 1,4,5,6,7,8,10,12,14,15,19,20,22,24 and 25 completely untouched.

Now that 6 months have gone by I need to stop saying "I have a lot of time left" and start working. Wish me luck!