Wednesday, February 13

25 Update

A couple of weeks ago I realized almost 6 months of my year is up. Six months have gone by since I made my 25 goals and I have only fully accomplished TWO of them. Two of twenty five things in 6 months, means I have another 23 to finish off in my remaining 6 months. And the odds are not in my favor. So I gave each goal a time frame for when I want to accomplish it, of course by Aug 17, of this year, but I need to start some of these things NOW.

The two goals I have completely finished are:
 #13 Eat vegetarian for 2 weeks I did that in November and actually went almost 2.5 weeks and
 #16 Dye my hair brown. I also did that in November.

There are a couple other goals I am currently working on:
#2 Read 10 books (I have read 4)
#3 Take a photography class (I am taking a photo class right now through UVU, 4 more weeks to go)
#9 Lose 5 pounds (I am continuing to track my calories and watch what I eat)
#11 Stop biting my nails, for good (They are getting longer, and I am making sure to have them painted almost always)
#17 Study German (About twice a week I go on and study)
#18 Sew a blanket/quilt (I finished the top side of my jean blanket, I just need to figure out what do do for the bottom.
#21 Make a compost bin (This one is almost completely done, though Nate should get all the credit - we just need to start composting now)
#23 Don't eat candy for a week (Today is my last day!)

But that still leaves #s 1,4,5,6,7,8,10,12,14,15,19,20,22,24 and 25 completely untouched.

Now that 6 months have gone by I need to stop saying "I have a lot of time left" and start working. Wish me luck!

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