Saturday, March 24

Color Festival

A few years ago I went with some friends to the Color Festival. Said friends didn't think that it mattered what time we got to the Festival, and with all the traffic when we finally got there we had just missed the last chalk throwing of the day, and all the chalk was sold out, so we couldn't even have our own mini throw.

Well, finally today we were able to go with some of our friends to the festival. After realizing there was a lot of traffic, 5 minutes to 3 we knew we wouldn't make it to the 3:00 throwing, so we headed to Kierstin and Kent's house to chill for a bit so we could head out in time to make it to the 5:00 throwing. We got there around 4:30, got chalk thrown in our ears and eyes, bought some of our own chalk, experienced the atomic bomb of chalk at 5 and saw some llamas.

It was a good experience. I don't think its something I need to do every year, maybe not again. But I'm glad I have finally done it.

Hare Krishna. Hare hare Krishna.

Thursday, March 22


Wow, I'm sorry that it has been so long since I have posted on here. I've been busy posting on my food blog a couple times a week, but forgetting to post here. Mostly because not much has happened at the Nate Berrett household in the past 2-3 months, since I last posted. Not much can beat buying a house and a kitten (except a baby - and spoiler alert, that's not happening for a while)

Well, not much has changed. Our life is still pretty uneventful. But pretty, absolutely, wonderful at the same time. We are still loving our house, and thankfully we haven't found anything wrong, or quirky with it.

We painted the office a forest green color that we love (but unfortunately I don't have any pictures). 

Nate installed a new sprinkler system programmer (like the thing that gives power to the system) and got about 90% of our sprinklers working last night. So we are thrilled to get our yard into top shape, with green grass and flowers and trees. And we are planting a fruit and vegetable garden in the back yard as well, which is partially reached by the working system, but partially not reached, so we will have to do a little bit of work on the sprinklers. We are hoping to build planter boxes this weekend, with help from the wood tools I got Nate for his birthday.

We are happy to see that someone planted bulb flowers in some of our flower beds. So far we have enjoyed yellow, white and purple crocus, yellow daffodils and some other small purple ones that I don't know the name of

We've been loving the warmer weather that Utah has had the past couple of weeks.  Nate also got a BBQ grill for his birthday, and we've already used it about 5 times, with delicious results each time. We did get a big snowstorm on Sunday, but it has all melted and we are back to 60 degree weather, which I am absolutely loving. The warm weather just makes me happier, and although I wish I could be outside all day, it makes me happier at work too.

One of my good friends from Vienna, Matt, came into town for a quick trip to do a presentation at a conference so I was very happy to see him and a few other friends from Vienna at McKinlee's house a couple of weeks ago.

Grandma B also came into town that same weekend, and so we got to enjoy the company of my cousins and grandmother with delicious food and some old family videos. I learned that I was a huge brat (way more than I thought) when I was like 14 years old.

We enjoyed having some of our favorite friends over for Nate's birthday and I made a yummy German chocolate cake with the recipe from Sandi (thanks!) which I will post on the blog soon.

We are still cooking a lot, and although we didn't make our march goal, we have saved about 150 dollars on food this month and hope to continue that for our future. Its meant a lot less late night fast food trips, but its probably better for our health anyway.

I can't remember if there is anything else I should share. Sorry that I don't have more pictures. But life is good. We are happy. So happy.