Monday, June 27

Anniversary Weekend

For our anniversary weekend, we finally decided to have the best of both worlds. Fancing dinner and a hotel once night and camping the other. 

We browsed online to find the most expensive/high rated restaurants in the Salt Lake area and finally decided upon Fleming's. And lucky for us Costco had a 100 dollar gift card for 80 dollars. So, we were at least able to save a little bit of money. The food there was absolutely amazing, and because it was our anniversary they even gave us dessert for free, which saved us even more money. They brought some bread to us to start with two tasty dips. Next we started off our order with appetizers. Nate got calamari and I got french onion soup, both were delicious. Nate even said the calamari was the best he's ever had, and I had a piece and it was indeed delicious. Nate then got lamb chops for his main dish with a side of mashed potatoes, and I got an amazing double breasted chicken with a side of asparagus. We ended the meal with a superb chocolate lava cake with vanilla ice cream and whipped cream on the side. Are you hungry yet? I know I am. Well the food and service were amazing, and it was fun to feel spoiled for this special day in our lives. 

We ended the night by staying at the Hilton in Salt Lake. We went swimming at the pool there, and then finished the night cuddling and watching a movie. It was a perfect night, spent with my sweetie and I loved being able to dress up for the night.

After sleeping in Saturday we headed home. We hoped Aspen didn't miss us too much, that he had any accidents and we were pleasantly greeted by him when we got home. (Dain was nice enough to let him out late Friday night so as to avoid any leaks -- side note: Dain said when he let Aspen out that Aspen went crazy looking for us everywhere, smelling the cars and running up stairs trying to find us) At least we know he loves us, and he was very happy to see us when we got home.

After relaxing at home for a couple hours we headed to our favorite camping spot of Scofield, and were pleasantly surprised to see that the road was not closed off due to snow, and "our spot" was open.
After setting up camp, we headed back down to the lake to be disappointed by terrible fishing, due to high waters and wind. Our spirits were not too disheartened, as the day was beautiful, and the air was fresh.

As always Aspen loved being free and running around and was good enough to fetch the frisbee about 25 times as we through it down the hill through the trees (he's such a good sniffer, and even when he couldn't find the frisbee right away he'd smell around for a few minutes until he found it, and then run proudly and happily back to us)

Of course we took delicious food with us on our camp out, but as to save a few calories we decided to opt out of smores this time. Dinner was a tasty meal of dutch oven homemade hamburger helper. After dinner we still were craving something sweet (I always want something sweet after dinner) and decided to cook up some pineapple. For breakfast we had biscuits and gravy, but cooking our biscuits in the dutch oven as well. And ending our trip with a lunch of costco hot dogs. Although we did bring dog food with us, Aspen is always happy to partake of our leftovers and clean off our dishes.

The food was delicious, but the weather and company was even better.  Please enjoy a plethora of pictures, of the beauty that is Scofield.

Ready to run.

Don't let this picture fool you, Aspen actually is terrible at catching the frisbee.

Last time we camped here, we brought along plastic army men to shoot at. We were very surprised to see this little man still attached to the rope, about 8 months later. (We also found 2 others on the ground). I guess plastic really can outlive the elements.

Our delicious dinner of homemade hamburger helper (in our new camping dishes - provided so kindly by my parents)

I wanted a view of the whole area.

The whole area is surrounded by aspens.

Nate decided to be a "hoody ninja"
A happy pup lounging under the table, hoping for scraps.

Thank goodness for tripods and timer remotes.

Too bad we couldn't get the pup to look forward. But I still love these pictures. And the view was amazing!

A nissan rogue ad. Or an Aspen pup ad.
Sunday we decided to go on a walk down a random trail. The trail was beautiful.

As were the views.

We found a plethora of this plant. And after pulling up the roots (in hope for a vegetable) it looked a little like a leek, and Nate says it tasted a little like one too (I was too afraid to taste a random root, didn't want to get sick). Any body recognize these leaves?

We decided we want to build a cabin here, too bad the land isn't for sale.
Two of my favorite "men".

I'm so happy I got to spend so much time this weekend with my wonderful husband. I am so happy that he picked me and I was lucky enough to marry him one year ago. We have had many wonderful memories, and have many more to come.

Monday, June 20


This last week Nate (and I) have gone fishing a lot. We love living so close to Utah lake because we think its a perfect way to spend our evening outside. Plus Aspen still loves the water more than anything (However, please note that when there are waves he takes a little extra persuading to get into the water ie a throw, or a push in the right direction. But once he's in he's happy as can be. Fetching sticks and bottles galore).

Nate has been dying to catch a walleye and when we went fishing on Thursday we thought he finally caught one. He had an immense fight trying to get this fish in, and when it came close enough to see it we were very surprised to see a CAT FISH. (Although we do know Utah lake is filled with cat fish, the surprising part is that Nate was using a white lure and catfish are NOT known for going after their food)
When you see this picture you'll understand why we were very shocked to see this beast in the water. When asked to net this fish I was a little scared to because of his size and monstrosity. I was totally scared he'd somehow attack me.
29 inch, 10lb catfish

a monster!
On Saturday we decided we wanted a little bit of an adventure. We wanted to go on a hike (and although we didn't hike really, I'd say our day was still a success) and to go fishing. We decided Payson Lakes would be a good option, as Maple Lake has always been one of our best and favorite fishing spots. The road to Maple Lake was closed, so we decided we would try one of the other Payson Lakes. We first stopped at Big East Lake and fished for a little bit there. Aspen was so anxious to swim, but there were signs around saying no dogs in the water. He snuck in a couple of times though (see, he loves it SO much). After a while of fishing we decided the lake was way too crowded, and the fishing wasn't that great (All that was caught was a tiny brook trout I caught near the beginning and nothing since then).
can you see the tiny brook trout I caught, hanging in the air?

We knew the other lakes weren't too far, so we decided to head down the road and see if we could find one of them. We found one and after seeing how flooded it was (the water was so high, quaking aspens appeared to be growing out of the water) we didn't expect to much with fishing. But we were happy because there wasn't a people athon, and Aspen would be able to run around much more freely. We found the fishing at this lake (we're not sure the actual name of the lake we stopped at, its either McClelland or Box Lake) to be much better as well. Nate caught 2 decent sized trout pretty quickly and then we caught 2 more a little bit later. We had a wonderful time being out in the sun, catching fish and playing fetch for sticks with Aspen (we put a little power bait on one of the sticks, so Aspen would be able to smell it and we Nate threw it deep into the trees for him to find, and because of the smell he was able to find it everytime, even through deep bushes and around many trees)

a duck flying over the water

i love this picture with me and Aspen and the fish. whenever we catch a fish Aspen is so interested and wants to know what that weird creature is.

a hawk flying above the trees

4 good fish!
Overall it was a wonderful day of fishing and sunshine. I love summer so much, and I'm so happy that the warm weather might FINALLY be here to stay.

8 seconds

So as I was running on the treadmill this morning I watched last weeks episode of So You Think You Can Dance. Which is one of my summer faves, by the way. This episode was the first performances for the top 20 dancers and to introduce each of the dancers they were given 8 seconds to talk about themselves.

If you had EIGHT seconds to describe yourself, what would you say?

I might say:

My name is Aimee Kristine Berrett.
About one year ago I married the love of my life, Nate Berrett
We own the cutest pup, Aspen.
My favorite color is pink.
I LOVE sweets.
I love cooking sweets, and cooking everything.
I love summer and being outdoors.

Whew. That is not a lot of time to talk about yourself.
But guess what, I totally timed myself saying that, and got that all said in 8 seconds.

How would YOU describe YOURSELF in 8 seconds?

Sunday, June 19


Nate and I have been very blessed to have fathers who have not only provided for us monetarily, but with the most love and laughter a child could ever need (or want) in their life.

 My handsome daddi-o and I
Nate and his wonderful father (and mother -- couldn't find a picture with just dad)

We hope you both know how grateful we are to have you in our lives. You have blessed us and taught us more than you'll ever know. We love you so much, always. Happy Father's Day!

Monday, June 6

Tabiona Camping

We decided that the weather was going to be so nice in Provo this weekend, that it would hopefully be nice in the mountains too. Friday evening, after work, we headed to Tabiona, and we were happily greeted by a most beautiful evening. There was a little snow to be seen on the mountain tops, but none in the valley, and we quickly found the perfect camping spot. 

Our spot was close to the road (but down a hill to avoid being bothered by cars and people) and it was also close to the river. The same as before, Aspen loved being able to explore so freely. He was as happy as can be jumping and running around, and smelling so many new scents.

Although I woke up cold a few times, during the night, Aspen was happy to sneak onto our air mattress and snug me for the rest of the night and keep me warm. 

Overall this was the perfect way to spend our weekend, camping. Gorgeous scenery, gorgeous weather. What more could a girl ask for?

The view of our spot from the top of the hill.

Attempting to fish even though the river was completely flooded. Sadly our attempts were not matched with the actual catching of any fish.

Aspen watching his "daddy" try to shoot a prarie dog.

On top of a log. I don't know why, but I thought it was mildly hilarious seeing Aspen jump on top of this "floating" log.

Making some breakfast of eggies.

Aspen even found a little snake to play with.

Enjoy our bike ride (/run - for the pup)

Can you see Stone Face?

Enjoying the view after a quick hike up the mountain.

I was a little slower going down the hill (worried about re-rolling my ankle).