Monday, June 6

Tabiona Camping

We decided that the weather was going to be so nice in Provo this weekend, that it would hopefully be nice in the mountains too. Friday evening, after work, we headed to Tabiona, and we were happily greeted by a most beautiful evening. There was a little snow to be seen on the mountain tops, but none in the valley, and we quickly found the perfect camping spot. 

Our spot was close to the road (but down a hill to avoid being bothered by cars and people) and it was also close to the river. The same as before, Aspen loved being able to explore so freely. He was as happy as can be jumping and running around, and smelling so many new scents.

Although I woke up cold a few times, during the night, Aspen was happy to sneak onto our air mattress and snug me for the rest of the night and keep me warm. 

Overall this was the perfect way to spend our weekend, camping. Gorgeous scenery, gorgeous weather. What more could a girl ask for?

The view of our spot from the top of the hill.

Attempting to fish even though the river was completely flooded. Sadly our attempts were not matched with the actual catching of any fish.

Aspen watching his "daddy" try to shoot a prarie dog.

On top of a log. I don't know why, but I thought it was mildly hilarious seeing Aspen jump on top of this "floating" log.

Making some breakfast of eggies.

Aspen even found a little snake to play with.

Enjoy our bike ride (/run - for the pup)

Can you see Stone Face?

Enjoying the view after a quick hike up the mountain.

I was a little slower going down the hill (worried about re-rolling my ankle).


  1. How fun, Aimee! I love seeing what adventures you guys come up with. We should go camping/hiking/anything together sometime soon!

  2. Fun! I'm so sad we had to miss this. :(