Thursday, September 30

Maple Lake

 The past couple Monday nights Nate and I have gone up to Maple Lake in Payson Canyon to fish. The canyon is absolutely beautiful right now because the autumn changing leaves and Maple Lake is stock full of so many fish that we love going there.
We always get there when its getting darker, which makes not so good pictures. But you can still see some of the colors.

The first week we went, we were getting so many bites, but not a lot of fish. Only moss treats.

I love my husband, so much!

This Monday we drove farther up the canyon to Big East Lake. There were tons of quaking aspens and pines all around.

It was really beautiful, but fishing was awful, so we headed back to our spot at Maple Lake.

On the way down we saw a bunch of wild turkeys off the side of the road. Nate got out and chased them.

The pond is COVERED in moss, so a lot of times we'll have plants attached to our line making it seem like the fish ways a ton.
Nate caught an albino fish. I'd never seen one before.
I think its pretty scary looking. I wonder what all the other fish think of it?

I caught a very dark trout.

Monday, September 27


Nate and I both got set apart for our new callings yesterday after church. Nate is the ward sports specialist, which means he's in-charge of letting everyone know about the stake sporting events, he'll probably have to help plan and organize some too.

And as for me, I'm going to be the new CTR 4 teacher and I am SO excited. I've only met one of the little boys in my class (as he's our landlord's son) and he's adorable, and seeing the rest of the kids yesterday in the Primary Program I am so excited to meet them and get to know them. I'm so excited to learn from their sweet spirits. It'll be a couple weeks till I teach them because of General Conference, but when that comes I'll let you know how it goes.

Thursday, September 16


I really want to spend one autumn (or at least a couple days of one) on the east coast.

Friday, September 10

Camping. Pictures Edition.

As Nate mentioned in his previous post, we went camping last weekend. Since we got a new car and it has AWD we figured we just HAD to take it camping. We drove down by Scofield Reservoir, in Price Canyon, and up the mountain a ways to find the most beautiful camping spot. Plus, it was free!
Our car was so dirty by the time we found our camping spot. Look at all those bugs!
Nate is showing how much love he had for our camping spot.
It was completely surrounded by quaking aspens. It was gorgeous.
A view of the whole camping area. Its a huge area, so next time we think we need friends to come with us. Any takers?
Our cute car fits right into this kind of environment.
We went for a little walk and there was a gorgeous view.
Our shadows make us look much fatter than we actually are.
We got that stick to stay standing/burning in the fire for quite some time, surprisingly. Nate is being a stick too.
We're not sure what this bare patch is for, but it made for a pretty picture.
Scofield Reservoir.
Nate's first fish. I promise he caught some that were bigger than that.
The fish was quite a flopper. Here he is trying to escape.
I guess we'll throw him back into the water.
A beautiful rainbow that I caught.
I squeezed him so tight because I was so scared of him getting away. I accidentally squeezed the poop out of him.
He was a really good sized fish. We didn't measure him though. And we didn't keep him because Nate wasn't in the mood to clean.
Fish kissies!

Tuesday, September 7

New Car

Well, the time finally came to get rid of my old Accord. It got to the point where the repairs got more costly than the cars' actual worth.

I took it in on Friday to get some noises checked and (shocker) the noises turned out to be big problems. For a Honda that car had a lot more problems than would be expected. Anyhow, I made the decision to see if we could get a decent amount of money as a trade-in for a newer car. Since the repairs that were going to be needed on it were greater than it was worth I wasn't expected much but hoping for a lot.

I went to almost every dealership in the Provo/Orem area (which is QUITE a few) and finally found a car that seemed pretty good for the price. I talked the seller down a good amount then threw in at the end that if he would take $1,900 for my Accord I would buy that car right then and there. He agreed because we had worked on getting a good price for the new car for sometime (and it wore him down as I had planned) so that he was at the point where he had invested so much time into that he was probably ready to agree to anything. Yes, I can wear a car salesman down believe it or not (if you are reading this you probably already know me and my personality and fully believe this haha).

So we got a 2008 Nissan Rogue that is in great shape. The stress of having that old Accord always needing repairs got the point that it was time to go. We had a fun adventure taking up our new car to Scofield Resevoir this weekend and found an INCREDIBLE camping spot. It has no fees (which is SHOCKINGLY rare at parks) and was a bit of a drive away from the lake but this had huge advantages (well just one that makes the other ones fall in place). There was no one around! We had a huge area with a big fire bit and it was gorgeous! The weather felt like the beginning of fall and we enjoyed our new tent as well. We had an amazing time!

We will have a post that details the camping with pictures of the car as well very soon!

Friday, September 3

free money

Wow, being married is the best because it means that both Nate and I qualified for full pell grants. That means we each got 1600 dollars, which is amazing.

We both took out small student loans as well, just so we have some extra money, in case anything bad happens.

Which means, I'll be putting in my 2 weeks notice today or tomorrow. I feel a little bad to be leaving, but more than anything I'm excited. Plus, I'm on the easiest shift of the day, so it shouldn't be a problem to fill my spot. Plus, I really don't think I would get good grades this semester with everything that is going on. I'm really excited to be able to concentrate on my internship and the lessons I'll be developing.

Today I feel rich. I want to go spend, spend, spend, but we must save, save, save.