Tuesday, September 7

New Car

Well, the time finally came to get rid of my old Accord. It got to the point where the repairs got more costly than the cars' actual worth.

I took it in on Friday to get some noises checked and (shocker) the noises turned out to be big problems. For a Honda that car had a lot more problems than would be expected. Anyhow, I made the decision to see if we could get a decent amount of money as a trade-in for a newer car. Since the repairs that were going to be needed on it were greater than it was worth I wasn't expected much but hoping for a lot.

I went to almost every dealership in the Provo/Orem area (which is QUITE a few) and finally found a car that seemed pretty good for the price. I talked the seller down a good amount then threw in at the end that if he would take $1,900 for my Accord I would buy that car right then and there. He agreed because we had worked on getting a good price for the new car for sometime (and it wore him down as I had planned) so that he was at the point where he had invested so much time into that he was probably ready to agree to anything. Yes, I can wear a car salesman down believe it or not (if you are reading this you probably already know me and my personality and fully believe this haha).

So we got a 2008 Nissan Rogue that is in great shape. The stress of having that old Accord always needing repairs got the point that it was time to go. We had a fun adventure taking up our new car to Scofield Resevoir this weekend and found an INCREDIBLE camping spot. It has no fees (which is SHOCKINGLY rare at parks) and was a bit of a drive away from the lake but this had huge advantages (well just one that makes the other ones fall in place). There was no one around! We had a huge area with a big fire bit and it was gorgeous! The weather felt like the beginning of fall and we enjoyed our new tent as well. We had an amazing time!

We will have a post that details the camping with pictures of the car as well very soon!


  1. That's awesome! I can't wait to have a reason to buy a new car! :)

  2. Usually the reason is because something terrible happens to your current car! haha

  3. I'm impressed, if I can convince my husband that we need to trade in our little civic, will you come and wear down the dealers for us?