Friday, September 3

free money

Wow, being married is the best because it means that both Nate and I qualified for full pell grants. That means we each got 1600 dollars, which is amazing.

We both took out small student loans as well, just so we have some extra money, in case anything bad happens.

Which means, I'll be putting in my 2 weeks notice today or tomorrow. I feel a little bad to be leaving, but more than anything I'm excited. Plus, I'm on the easiest shift of the day, so it shouldn't be a problem to fill my spot. Plus, I really don't think I would get good grades this semester with everything that is going on. I'm really excited to be able to concentrate on my internship and the lessons I'll be developing.

Today I feel rich. I want to go spend, spend, spend, but we must save, save, save.


  1. That sure is nice to have! It's amazing how expensive the first little bit is.

  2. You want to spend, spend, spend on my little family in Baltimore? That's so gracious of you.