Sunday, January 22


After another bout of spontaneity (this time we seriously thought about it for at least a couple days before hand, but had been thinking about it since before we got Aspen) we decided to get a cat.

Finding a kitten in the dead of winter was a little difficult (apparently most youngins are born in the spring), but after driving to West Jordan, five minutes from our destination finding that the kittens were all gone, driving to Petsmart and finding one we liked but then he didn't have the proper paperwork, and finally arriving at the West Jordan Animal Shelter just minutes before they closed we found a kitten. And mind you that all this driving was done in the rain and snow with construction everywhere, making the journey take at least double what it should have.

But we made it home safe and sound and have decided to name our little dear Liebe (which is pronounced leeba and means love in German.)

She appears to be about 4-5 months old. She is a tabby cat with black and brownish stripes and the cutest white paws. She is a little shy right now, but we think its from the shock of everything changing, a new home, new people, new food and a dog! We took Aspen outside this morning and just let her explore the house and she really seems to like it. She is litter box trained and has already had her first poop in their. She loves to hide, especially under our bed. She loves to snuggle in tight pockets, and begins purring immediately. Sounds like a typical cat to me. We think she will open up and become even more playful when she gets more used to us.

As for Aspen, he is obsessed with her. He is just so curious as to what this tiny thing is doing in his home, and wants to smell and lick her constantly (which seems to be a little overwhelming for her). He is a little jealous right now because we are trying to make her feel extra safe, and he feels a little abandoned, but I think over time they will grow to be bosom friends.

Here is our adorable little darling. Meet Liebe.


  1. you guys rock. i want to be like you.

  2. What a little sweetie! I hope he adjusts to Aspen soon!

  3. Wait, why was Pippin picked on and chased around my home, when Lieba isn't and just sniffed and licked. LUCKY her. I can't believe you got a cat, she is pretty cute. I hope you and her will be extremely happy together.

  4. thanks for your comments on elises blog! you guys are a darling couple!