Friday, January 27

Potato Gun

On Monday for a date night we went to Nicklecade (which is a fun arcade in the area - its 2.25 to enter but then instead of quarters you pay to play the games with nickles). We got 8 dollars in nickles and had a really fun time playing a variety of games from Skiball, to racing motorcycles, to Fruit Ninja, to shooting games. By the end we usually just spend our remaining coins on games to win tickets. So we ended up with exactly 400 tickets. With our tickets we decided to buy a Potato Gun and then had 100 left and just bought some candies.

Nate likes to shoot Aspen with the potato pellets and then Aspen will eat the pellets from the ground. Win Win.

So we wanted to see how Liebe reacted to getting shot. She was a little more skeptical than Aspen. Here is the result.
No animals were harmed in the making of this film.


  1. That is SO MEAN! But I laughed anyway, haha!

  2. I think the Nickelcade is probably the best invention I have ever heard of! My hubby and I went to one in Utah but haven't found one since! ugh! You two are such a cute couple!