Monday, December 13

spot the pup

Can you see Aspen, hidden in this bush? He went down in it to chase some chickens that we saw on the side of the road.

Sunday, December 12

On a happier note, we had fun with the friends who DID come to our party. Here are some pictures:
way too much food

Brad and Rachel, enjoying some yummy treats

Nate ruining another would be cute picture ;)

Brandon and Kelly, and their wonderful sweaters (plus Aspen and his sweater in the bottom corner)

Their sweaters were so classic. Rachel's even had bells on it.

Emily and Phil came by for a few.

Like Father, like Pup
JUMP. And Brandon, looks like he's levitating somehow.

Our cute family and our sweaters.
Although I'm very grateful to the few who came to our "party", I don't think I'll ever be hosting a party again. Its not worth the time and the money that we spent, to be told last minute, or not told at all, that the majority of people we were planning on coming, can't and won't make it.