Saturday, July 31

Tonight is our first night apart from each other since being married. It's pretty awful. Except for, I got to hang out with mrs leue all evening. That was great, until she left.

Other nights when I've tried to go to sleep before Nate, because I have really work, and he's not tired yet, well, it hasn't worked well. I pretty much don't sleep till he gets in bed. Let's hope tonight is different.

I guess one good thing about having him gone is how happy I'll be to see him tomorrow night when he gets home...

Tuesday, July 27

Today I ran on our new treadmill with bare-feet.
It felt great on my feet, but now a couple of my toes feel a little weird.
Like the skin was rubbed off.
Such is life.

It was my choice.
Plus, who cares really.
We have our own treadmill in our home.
Life is good.

Thursday, July 22

Our wedding pictures can be viewed and purchased here. Just click on Nate and Aimee and the password is 2010. Enjoy.

Wednesday, July 14

Tuesday, July 6


Nate and I spent our first night in La Jolla and then our second night in Long Beach. In between we enjoyed walking around Seaport Village and Long Beach. The main part of our honeymoon was a cruise from Long Beach to Catalina Island and Ensenada, Mexico. We had a great time spending so much time together, and I must say being with him all day and night was fantastic. 

Prepare yourselves for a picture overload: 

Sea Port Village
A lighthouse in Long Beach.
Long Beach at night.
We decided to ride a ferriswheel in Long Beach. 
Headed onto the cruise ship.
The first towel animal from our cruise. I think its a dog?
Our huge ship.
My handsome husband. I just love seeing that ring on his finger. 
Happy to be on Catalina Island, and happy to be off the boat.
Funnel cake in Catalina.
We're so excited to be in Mexico.
The beach in Ensenada.
Ladies and gentleman, my husband :)
There were so many crabs everywhere.
I guess he didn't want me to kiss him.
Our room
 Our dinner table for each night on the cruise. Everyone was so nice and SO funny.

Sunday, July 4


Well, I am officially a Berrett now. Nate and I have been married for 8 days and it's been wonderful. We're finally getting move into our home and it's wonderful to actually use it as a home instead of just as a place we come to do work. Yesterday was a hectic day for us, we rented a Uhaul and got our cinch, washer and dryer and a desk. We have a lot of cleaning to do before this place will look presentable. But when that happens I'll try taking and posting pictures, so you can see how good the new paint and furniture looks.

Today we went to our new ward for church, and it was nice. After sacrament meeting the bishop came up and asked who we were, I said I'm Aimee Berrett, and that was the first time iveactually said it out loud and I liked it. It was weird for me, but fine, maybe it helps that I only have to change 2 letters.

I love being able to call Nate my husband. I love our new home. And I'm so excited for our future together.