Sunday, July 4


Well, I am officially a Berrett now. Nate and I have been married for 8 days and it's been wonderful. We're finally getting move into our home and it's wonderful to actually use it as a home instead of just as a place we come to do work. Yesterday was a hectic day for us, we rented a Uhaul and got our cinch, washer and dryer and a desk. We have a lot of cleaning to do before this place will look presentable. But when that happens I'll try taking and posting pictures, so you can see how good the new paint and furniture looks.

Today we went to our new ward for church, and it was nice. After sacrament meeting the bishop came up and asked who we were, I said I'm Aimee Berrett, and that was the first time iveactually said it out loud and I liked it. It was weird for me, but fine, maybe it helps that I only have to change 2 letters.

I love being able to call Nate my husband. I love our new home. And I'm so excited for our future together.


  1. Aimee Berrett (love it). It is so wonderful that you are so happy and I can't believe you have been married for 8 days. Has it got to the point where it feels like you have always been together. I can't wait to see pictures of your new home. How much cleaning does it need? It looked pretty good in the first set of pictures.

  2. When I'm back in Utah can I come see your house?

  3. Well congratulations again Aimee, we sure are jealous of you two. I hope your honeymoon was just incredible. Good luck with your transition into real life! I'm sure it'll be just as fun.

  4. Where is Anthony's obnoxious comment on this post? I saw him write it...

    Cute pictures :)

  5. Nevermind! I scrolled down too far-- it was on the other post.