Saturday, July 31

Tonight is our first night apart from each other since being married. It's pretty awful. Except for, I got to hang out with mrs leue all evening. That was great, until she left.

Other nights when I've tried to go to sleep before Nate, because I have really work, and he's not tired yet, well, it hasn't worked well. I pretty much don't sleep till he gets in bed. Let's hope tonight is different.

I guess one good thing about having him gone is how happy I'll be to see him tomorrow night when he gets home...


  1. i cannot fall asleep when scott is not in bed with me either. the second he comes into bed, i fall right asleep!

  2. About a year after we were married, Squire left to go to Canada for a whole week for a conference. I was sooo sad and couldn't sleep very well at all. It's crazy how quickly you become accustomed to always having your spouse with you. It's hard when they're gone. You can do something fun to make your husband's welcome home fun though! Like have a nice dinner ready or something. : )