Monday, August 2

School, Marriage and Work

So school is starting up in a few weeks- the stress level is rising dramatically. I have to say that it does not feel nearly as stressful as it did before Aimee and I got married though. Knowing that we have a nice and quiet home to come home to after a long day of work and school is very calming. I am thrilled that we have a nice little office with two desks that we can both use and pretty much have our own private little library to knock studying out in. Oh yeah- did I mention how great it is having a beautiful wife that makes me a better person and encourages me to do my best? Yeah, I am more than ready for school to start with my wife at my side :).

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  1. Besides the fact that Nate wrote this and that makes me smile, because he definitely is a Berrett - I like that you mentioned your beautiful wife, etc. :)