Tuesday, August 17


This is so great! I'm blogging from my new iPod touch.

Today is my birthday and of course Nate totally spoiled me, again. He gives me 2 presents and then surprises me with another. He even made me a cake and some ice cream too. When we came home from dinner the kitchen was even decorated and there was a vase of two dozen long stemmed pink roses.

How will I ever live up to everything he does for me when his birthday comes around?
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  1. well, what we're the other presents??

  2. haha and when i say comma i mean apostrophe. wow.

  3. You don't even try. Just give him something that he would enjoy and be thoughtful about it. It is not a matter of being even, it is a matter of loving giving.

    He is pretty sweet. Just keep him around. :)

  4. Sounds like it was a great birthday! Glad he's taking care of you in our absence. :) Love you!