Thursday, August 26

Before I start blogging I often think about how many people will comment on a post, if I post it. And I realize probably 1, or none. But it doesn't matter. This is my way of writing down what is happening in our lives. And I want to be able to look back and remember. So there.


I've figured out that I usually eat junk food
1 when I'm bored or
2 because it tastes so good

But I need to stop prevent this from happening.
I need to find treats snacks for myself that are good for me.
Like peaches off of the tree in our front yard.

We've eaten fast food a few times in the past week.
Because I don't get home from work till like 8 oclock (maybe 7:30 at the earliest).
And I'm just not in the mood  to cook.
I'm in the mood to eat.
And then cuddle with my husband while watching a movie or tv or playing video games.


School started today for my sweet husband.
He's taking 4 classes and going to continue working 40 hours a week.
What a stud.

I start school on Monday.
I start my internship on Tuesday.
I'm supposed to do 12 hours a week for it.
And work 12 hours a week.
And take 5 classes. (= 15 credits.)
I shouldn't complain.
But if its too hard...
and if this pell grant/student loan comes through...
I might not have a job for the rest of the semester.
At least I got the afternoon shift, which is the easiest of them all.
But also this shift takes away any time that I may have done HW on those days.
So we'll just see.

I think the deadline to apply for graduation is Sept 13.
That's so soon!
I should talk to a counselor soon probably.
I'm really excited to be done with school.
The idea of being done in September (and my wonderful husband) are the two things that keep me going.

I am really excited for my internship though.
I wish it was paid.
But its not.
So, I just pray and hope that interning here will be
1 good for my resume or
2 a good way to get hired there in January.


I'm really excited at the idea of not having work.
Especially because I work in food.
Working in food makes me not about what I look like.
Because I just get grimy and stinky and greasy while I'm there.
And I feel bad for my poor husband because he picks me up from work,
and I smell like french fries and I look like a rat.
So if I don't work then I can dress up every day.
And look professional for my students.
(Yep, I'll be teaching my own class by the end of the semester)

I'm excited for the future.
For whatever happens.
Come what may. And love it.


Ps. Nate and I have been married for 2 months today.
Its been the best 2 months of my life.
And I'm falling more in love with my cutie husband everyday.


  1. Has it really already been two months, wow, that is wonderful. Happy 2 month anniversary. I hope you can figure out time for everything. Cuddling with my cute, wonderful husband on the couch sounds wonderful, I definitely need to figure out how to do that more. I love you, Aimee and your cute hubbie, Nate, too.

  2. TWO comments, BAM! Love you guys! Hope the first day of school went marvelously!

  3. You're right... it doesn't really matter who comments. At the end of each year, I compile all my blog posts into a book and have it printed out. It has been so much fun to have, even if we're the only one who care about it. So really, just enjoy your blog for your own sake.
    But I enjoy it too. :)

  4. It has been the best two months for us too! We got to attend a beautiful wedding AND get a whole new addition to the Berrett family! We love you both and we love this blog:)