Friday, September 10

Camping. Pictures Edition.

As Nate mentioned in his previous post, we went camping last weekend. Since we got a new car and it has AWD we figured we just HAD to take it camping. We drove down by Scofield Reservoir, in Price Canyon, and up the mountain a ways to find the most beautiful camping spot. Plus, it was free!
Our car was so dirty by the time we found our camping spot. Look at all those bugs!
Nate is showing how much love he had for our camping spot.
It was completely surrounded by quaking aspens. It was gorgeous.
A view of the whole camping area. Its a huge area, so next time we think we need friends to come with us. Any takers?
Our cute car fits right into this kind of environment.
We went for a little walk and there was a gorgeous view.
Our shadows make us look much fatter than we actually are.
We got that stick to stay standing/burning in the fire for quite some time, surprisingly. Nate is being a stick too.
We're not sure what this bare patch is for, but it made for a pretty picture.
Scofield Reservoir.
Nate's first fish. I promise he caught some that were bigger than that.
The fish was quite a flopper. Here he is trying to escape.
I guess we'll throw him back into the water.
A beautiful rainbow that I caught.
I squeezed him so tight because I was so scared of him getting away. I accidentally squeezed the poop out of him.
He was a really good sized fish. We didn't measure him though. And we didn't keep him because Nate wasn't in the mood to clean.
Fish kissies!


  1. you would kiss a fish. whale. um...yes we will go camping with you, thanks for asking :)

  2. Nate looks like a little boy in the picture with the stick and fire, so funny. Love the pictures. You two are so adorable. How do you get the border and words as part of the pictures?

  3. Nice catch! We're definitely up for going too, we have lots of camping stuff but haven't made it out yet.