Thursday, September 30

Maple Lake

 The past couple Monday nights Nate and I have gone up to Maple Lake in Payson Canyon to fish. The canyon is absolutely beautiful right now because the autumn changing leaves and Maple Lake is stock full of so many fish that we love going there.
We always get there when its getting darker, which makes not so good pictures. But you can still see some of the colors.

The first week we went, we were getting so many bites, but not a lot of fish. Only moss treats.

I love my husband, so much!

This Monday we drove farther up the canyon to Big East Lake. There were tons of quaking aspens and pines all around.

It was really beautiful, but fishing was awful, so we headed back to our spot at Maple Lake.

On the way down we saw a bunch of wild turkeys off the side of the road. Nate got out and chased them.

The pond is COVERED in moss, so a lot of times we'll have plants attached to our line making it seem like the fish ways a ton.
Nate caught an albino fish. I'd never seen one before.
I think its pretty scary looking. I wonder what all the other fish think of it?

I caught a very dark trout.


  1. I like your post; I love the faces Nate makes and it makes me laugh to think of him chasing the turkeys (poor turkeys); I love your pictures it helps me envision your wonderful life; I love your comments, they are hilarous and happy.

  2. OF COURSE nate chased the turkeys! haha, he can't pass up an opportunity like that! how common is it to catch an albino fish? i've never even heard of one before!