Sunday, October 17

Scofield Round 2

So because Nate had no classes on Thursday due to UVU's fall break we decided it was the perfect opportunity to go camping. We decided I could miss classes on Friday, because nothing was due and one class was canceled, so we headed up to Scofield Thursday afternoon. The leaves have started to fall off of the trees, but it was still as beautiful as ever. We got there Thursday afternoon and set up camp, and we loved knowing that we'd be there for two nights instead of the typical one. Friday we, of course, went down to the reservoir and went fishing. Although it was probably the worst time of day for fishing, and the wind wouldn't calm down we still each caught a couple of fish. Nate got an air rifle and he taught me how to shoot also. I only practiced on bottles and old eggs, but Nate got a couple of birds and a chipmunk (poor things). We were a little cold at nights, but it wasn't too bad, due to a portable heater we bought. It was so nice to be able to relax a little, and (try) to forget about all the stresses of school and work.

Our beloved camping area, we love it so much, I don't know if we'll ever be satisfied anywhere else.

even though the trees were losing their leaves, it was still beautiful.
When I was younger I called these little jet streaks "sky lions" because they were lines in the sky.

Fishin' of course

And somehow, Nate caught a crawfish.

A pretty big one too. It was totally tangled in his line.

We caught a few fish too.

This poor cutthroat looked like it had barely escaped the death of being the dinner of an osprey.

There are many beautiful views.

My crazy husband.

A view of skyline mines.

Just shootin'.

Somehow I just skimmed the top of the eggs off.



  1. you guys are too cute.

  2. Thank you for satisfying my undying desire to see into your lives.

  3. These pictures are gorgeous! You two are such a beautiful couple and you have the most wonderful adventures. I wish it was easier to camp here because I miss it so much.