Monday, October 18

Weekend Updates

We had one of the funnest weekends the last couple of days.

To start it off, we went to our favorite camping place at Scofield, you can read about it here.

Then Saturday night we had a super fun date with Brandon and Kelly to Cornbellys, you can read about it here and here.

Sunday was a great day at church, Nate even came to my CTR 4 class with me, and didn't distract the kids.

Then we had a fun-fun delicious potluck luncheon with some wonderful friends, Natalie and Jeremy, and Kiersten and Kent (Too bad we didn't get any pictures, next time we have to!)

And to end the evening right we had a lovely "Vienna Reunion" at Kasia's home, and it was wonderful to see old friends and catch up on their lives. 

Too bad we forgot to take the picture before Nicole left. Of course Annalise wore her dirndl. And the girls all insisted that Nate is part of the group now that we're married. LOVE LOVE.

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