Monday, October 18

Cornbelly's with the Michons

Saturday night we went on a fun double date with Brandon and Kelly. We started off the night with a delicious (buy one get one free) dinner at Noodles and Company and then headed to Cornbelly's. While there we enjoyed the huge boy scouts of America maze, peddle carts, hay ride, jumping pillow, etc. All in all, it was a fabulous evening with some wonderful friends.

Peek a boo. Nate hiding in the corn.

Brandon is sad to be the third wheel.

Brandon and Kelly on the hay ride.

Us, on the hay ride.

Jumping on the Jumping Pillow

It was really hard to catch our balance so we could be in the air at the same time.

I think this said "Cornbelly's Rocks."

Scary husband.

All of us.



  1. LOVE it! Your "our first date" picture is very similar to the first picture in the post! =) We had so much fun and cant wait to double again!