Saturday, June 25

One Year

Nate and I got married one year ago on June 26, 2010.
That was the happiest day of my life yet.
However, since then we've had a wonderful time making lots of fun memories. 


  1. congrats!!! xoxo

  2. congrats you two. life really is wonderful!

  3. Congratulations! It looks like it's been a pretty eventful year!

  4. Oh how fun! Happy Anniversary! And thanks for following my blog! You are too sweet. I went camping on one of my anniversaries too! That is cool you have a favorite spot. I didn't really know where to go in Utah! And awesome you have a cute puppy!

    Ashley Sloan

  5. And this was supposed to go under a diff post haha. And I LOVE SYTYCD and the 8 seconds thing was funny...oh well! Here these comments are on the wrong one!