Monday, May 17

Our Future Home

Nate and I are thrilled that we found such a wonderful place, and we feel so blessed to have randomly seen it on craigslist today and called the woman to see it today. Someone else looked at the place a couple hours after us and someone else is looking tomorrow morning. But its too bad for them because we already signed the contract. We are so excited to start fixing up the house now and making it our own. So that by the time we are ready and able to move in, the house will be so ready for us. We plan on starting to clean and paint this weekend.

As you can see the kitchen and living room are both really big. There is a half bathroom on the main floor and we have our own garage. We will need to buy a washer and dryer, but used they are not very expensive. There are three bedrooms upstairs and they are all pretty good sizes too. We will make one an office and one will eventually become a guest room. Our a children's room when that time finally comes.

The backyard is shared with our neighbors but we are welcome to use it whenever we want. The patch of dirt is right behind our house and she said I can plant in it.

We are excited to make this place our own and hope we can live there for the next 3-5 years.

Ps. Sorry the pictures got so unorganized.

The windows in the room that we'll probably make our bedroom.
The front of our part of the house. The upper window on the left is part of our managers house.
The washer and dryer area.
The half bath on the main floor.
We even have our own 1 car garage.
This is Nate so excited about this place being ours, and how big it is. This is the front room/living room.
Part of the kitchen and food storage area.
See, the kitchen is huge.
The closet in our bedrooms.
The upstairs bathroom.
One of the bedrooms.
The part of the backyard behind our managers part of the house.   
The part of the backyard behind our house.
The dirt patch I get to plant flowers in.
The mailbox. We're number 496.


  1. Aimee!
    This is so exciting. So so so happy!
    Are you guys in Orem? Or Provo?
    I'm so jealous that you're able to start working on it this weekend. We can't get into our place until I'm already back in Washington.

    Girl, we need to have a date night or something. I want to hear the updates!

  2. Aimee -

    That is so fun that you have your own home! You are going to love working on it together. I'm so excited for you. Now I get to follow your family blog. : )