Monday, May 16

warm weather

Unfortunately in Utah the weather is very wishy washy, but we've been lucky enough to have a few days in the 70s in the past couple weeks, so we've tried to take advantage (while we can) and have gone on a few picnics and things. We even went camping this last weekend!

 I'm glad we've gone out while we could because its supposed to be rainy for the next 10 days. Yuck.

Here are a few pictures of the outdoor adventures we've been able to have the last couple weeks.

While we were in this field Aspen and I stumbled upon a duck. The duck, of course was frightened and flew away. Aspen followed it running for about 50 yards, until we made him come back. We were so proud of him though, because eventually Nate wants to teach him to go hunting with him.

We've been able to have lunch/dinner in the canyon a few times too. We feel so blessed to live so close to Provo canyon, and can't wait for even more warm summer days to enjoy it.

 Aspen loves fetching sticks. Actually he loves fetching almost anything. He loves the sticks so much he'll jump for them.

We were able to go up Hobble Creek Canyon (in Spanish Fork) this weekend and camp for a night. Aspen absolutely loved being able to run around so much. We're lucky he's such a good dog though, he would run back and forth between the three of us, and wouldn't wander off on his own.
We found a great camping spot, that we didn't even have to pay for. We were so happy to save the 22 dollar campground, plus the 6 dollar day use fees. Plus we weren't next to 50million other people.

 We had quite a beautiful view from our camping spot.

 Nate accidentally threw the Frisbee into the tree. But Aspen was determined to get it, one way or another. He finally got it down by knocking the tree enough. He was really proud of himself afterwards.

He is getting so big :(

 He got pretty dirty because he was mastering "roll over" on this trip, so we made him do it a lot of times for his food.

He even fetches heavy sticks from the water.

Can you spot Dain on the hill?

Aspen is such a good swimmer! Look how far out he is.
 Last night we decided to enjoy the few minutes of sunshine and head to Utah Lake. It was really windy, but Nate still tried to fish. Aspen was scared of the waves crashing against the shore. So scared that he wouldn't get in the water (which he normally loves)

So, instead we had to throw him in.

 I guess Nate was proud of himself.

 Aspen didn't mind TOO much, though he was quick to get back out of the water. I think he still loves us though.

Silly as ever.


  1. These are great pictures, Aimee! And I love that you found a free campsite! (And I love that I found your blog!)

    Hooray for warm weather and canyon life!

  2. He is going to have some cases of PTSD from these "moments"

  3. Haha, I LOVE the picture of Nate throwing Aspen into the water. Makes me laugh! You guys have been doing some fun stuff!