Tuesday, March 15

Bike Ride to Utah Lake

For his birthday, Nate got a new bike. We've only been able to go on a ride a couple of times, but with the weather warming up, we're excited to get out a lot more.

Yesterday, we took our bikes and Aspen down to Utah Lake and went for a little ride. We let Aspen stick his head out the window for the first time, and he totally loved it. Why do all dogs like that so much?
We kept Aspen off the leash and he ran by our sides the whole way.Of course we didn't bike TOO far because Aspen has never run so far in his life. But we went a good distance and he was so fast and so good at staying near us.
Once we got to the bay we went down to the water to let Aspen rest a little. I guess he was thirsty because he drank a ton of this nasty water.
And of course I needed at least ONE picture of me and my honey.
We had him fetch a soda bottle in the water, which is one of his favorite things. Plus, what a great way to cool off!
And a video, just to prove he actually stayed by us. Ps. It doesn't look like they're going very fast because I was riding my bike behind them. But trust me, it was hard to keep up with them and hold the camera (semi) still at the same time.

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  1. That's awesome! our dog has this horrible way of tripping you as you run or ride bike! so cute!