Friday, March 4

Did you know...

that I also have a cooking blog? And its totally fabulous. My mom and I both post recipes on it. And I try and post at least one recipe a week, because my goal for the year is to try at least one new recipe a week. But don't worry, cause I only post the recipes that are actually good and something that I would make again.

I usually get my recipes from other cooking blogs, websites, cook books, etc. (and sometimes add my own little tweaks) And the blog is mostly just a way to organize those recipes, but its pretty awesome.

So anyway, my point is that you should also follow my cooking blog, because its pretty great. And you should share awesome recipes with me, for me to try and maybe you can be featured on the blog. So great right? So you can find it here or the link is


  1. Good to know! I'm now a follower and am excited to try some new food! :)