Tuesday, March 1

A Lake Monster

Like you can see here, we like taking Aspen to Utah lake to swim and fetch. Now to start the adventure off, we wanted Aspen to swim in the over flow ponds, because they look so peaceful and they have so much open space for swimming... So we threw the water bottle in for Aspen to get, and he wouldn't get it. A few minutes later we decided to force the pup into the water (by throwing him in) because we figured maybe he was just scared of the plants on the edge. Well, he got a little stuck in the mud, and apparently the water was super oily, so he turned into an oil-dog. Well after realizing it wouldn't just shake up we took him back to our normal spot of the lake to see if the "clean" water would take any of the dirtiness off. Well, it didn't. Anyway, later that night we decided to give him a shower (which he actually likes) and we had to scrub him SO much, and the water coming off was just brown and black (gross). He finally looks back to normal, however his back legs still have a little bit of the remnants.
What creature is THAT?

Oh, just a VERY dirty Aspen

One of the over flow ponds - doesn't it look nice?

My cute husband and I

Beautiful sunset. Handsome dog.


  1. how did you clean him?? those would be funny pictures =)

  2. haha He is so, so cute!
    I love that you two take him out to play so often.