Tuesday, March 1

Winter Adventures

We have tried to find fun things to do (besides watch movies and play video games at home) in this dreary season of WINTER. 

On our way home from ice fishing last week we decided we should stop by at the Midway Ice Castles (since we'd never been). I have to say they are pretty amazing, however I'm not as sure if they are worth the 5 dollars per person (and also would not have been worth the drive, had we gone up to Midway JUST for them). However, I think it is something cool to see (at least ONCE in your life)

We also got lucky this weekend, because Mama Sandi came in town (for a girls weekend) and on Saturday we got to head up to Cindy's cabin to visit her and go snowmobiling. This was a first for both of us, but it was SO much fun! I was a little nervous to drive on my own, because the snowmobiles aren't super maneuverable and can't take turns very sharply. I got stuck in a patch of trees because of this reason, but that's too embarrassing for me to write about. Anyway, it was a gorgeous day, and we had so much fun... until my feet started to freeze cause I was only wearing rain boots (which have no insulation at all). At least I wore 3 pairs of socks, two of which were wool. By the time we got back it was getting dark and started snowing, so I didn't cut the activities of TOO short cause of my cold body. We ended the day with some delicious pizza from Summit Inn (which was apparently rated for the best pizza in Utah last year).

After seeing Cindy's cabin we decided that once we're rich we need to have a cabin (somewhere). Maybe we'll even share it with our family.

Look how much snow is on top of the bathroom roofs!


  1. At least you did not take out a telephone pole while driving a snowmobile, now that is embarrasing.

    Those ice caves look amazing.

    Is there not indoor plumbing at the cabin? if you get your own, be sure to get indoor plumbing it is all the new rage.

  2. Ellen, I was just thinking of the time you hit the telephone pole and I think knocked it over.... am I right?

  3. Those ice caves look pretty cool and the snowmobiling sounds fun!1

  4. Haha, Ellen. Those were the bathrooms at Smith Morehouse Lake. The cabin had 3 very nice, INSIDE bathrooms;)