Monday, February 28

Not always an angel

Last Thursday when I came home from work, I didn't see anything I expected. I found a dog waiting for me by the garage door, and pieces of chewed up whoknowswhat.

Somehow Aspen escaped from his area. We had a gate blocking him from the rest of the house. A 29'' gate, but apparently he learned how to jump it, and decided he was going to enjoy his free time. After eating about a quarter of a bag of chewy sweetarts, 4 dental sticks for dogs, parts of 3 different shoes (maybe one shoe amount total) and a half a bag (a big bag) of skittles ( including the actual bag ), he got sick. And he threw up multiple time around the house. I found 6 piles of puke, 4 pee spots, and 1 pile of poop.

We through away three pairs of shoes, but we're just grateful he didn't destroy anything MORE valuable (like furniture or computers).

Needless to say, we were not very happy with him. And poor thing felt awful because we scolded him (and because in a few hours he ate more candy then I would eat in a week). So we decided to get a new gate (41 inches tall - a foot taller!) and a shock collar (not just for this reason, but for when we're playing in the front yard and he runs after other people).

Here's some evidence of the destruction.

The only real question is - Did he learn his lesson? Did he learn that eating all of that makes him feel like crap for the next few days? (Unfortunately, probably not)


  1. He may not have learned his lesson. Usually dogs live for the moment. Good luck in training him. They stay a puppy and chew anything for at least 2 years.

  2. We had to put him down last night...