Thursday, February 3

Catching Up

Alright- I have a LOT of catching up to do and I won't do it in one post. I will be posting for the next few days to catch up with what has been going on. I am SO bad at remembering to write down what is going on to this blog- it has become more the Aimee blog and not the Berrett blog (not in a bad way other than I have been failing miserably at writing down what has been going on in my life as well).

I will start with an update in regards to our dog Aspen- he is getting BIGGER and BIGGER every day! It was enormously stressful when we first brought him home- I was scared we wouldn't be able to get the attention he deserves. After 6 months of having a new member of the family he has been above and beyond what anyone could expect a new best friend to be.

He is about 99 percent potty trained- he NEVER goes inside of the house UNLESS there is a random visitor and he gets so excited that he has an accident (maybe he is giving his owners a hint: don't be so boring all the time, when I see a new face I pee with joy).

He is a blast to play with! He is so fun to wrestle with and he never plays too hard. I love coming home to my wife and Aspen- I love getting on the floor with him and he is so excited to see me that he goes crazy if I am not petting him or holding him. He still acts like the small puppy we brought home months ago and I love it.

More catching up posts to come!


  1. I think the poster needs to identify his/herself at the beginning of a new post, because I was SERIOUSLY confused when I thought it was Aimee writing. Just sayin'.

    And you should post some more pictures of your cutie dog-child.

    That is all.

  2. Okay, I was not alone in the confusion and it took 2 readings to figure out it was Nate writing. And yes, both of you should just keep writing AND posting pictures.

  3. Haha alright will do. There is most-likely a setting somewhere that will show the poster at the top instead of the bottom.

  4. And there we go- no more guessing who posted. It is now right beneath the post title! Hoooooray.