Wednesday, February 16

Sick Day

Sunday I was incredibly sick- I literally could not keep any liquids down from early Sunday morning until late Sunday night. Doesn't sound like that long but when you are losing liquids like crazy (as I was) you need to stay hydrated and I just couldn't.

I laid in bed and the couch all day long- and my wife took care of me. She went and got me some saltines, nausea medicine and gatorade. I may have given up the ghost without her (probably not, but maybe!). It really does boost your spirit having someone you love take care of you and likewise it boosts the physical as well.

I am writing this Wednesday evening and I am still not 100 percent but getting there. I lost 8 pounds as a result of Sunday's happenings and even when I eat now it still doesn't feel quite settled in my stomach for a few hours more than usual.

I was hoping to get through this winter without getting sick but I guess that hope went down the drown (pun INTENDED). Aimee and I both have a 3 day weekend coming up and I am also looking forward to when Dain comes out for a few months sometime soon.

Advice- don't get sick.


  1. We both did that the weekend before last.

    Poor Zoe. We make terrible parents when puking.

    Glad you lived!

  2. We all got sick like that last February, it was horrific. Glad Aimee hasn't gotten it .....yet:). Excited to come out soon to visit and ski;)

  3. haha i keep forgetting that you're writing most of these...i got to "my wife took care of me" and just thought "haha she calls nate her wife..."...sorry, i'm just hopeless...