Tuesday, February 15

Valentine's Day

Last year Nate and I got engaged (2 days before Valentine's Day), which was a total surprise for me. And then on Valentine's Day Nate managed to surprise me again. After an evening of doing who knows what, he walked me home and I found my room was decorated and I was left with flowers and chocolates.

So I thought, how would this year be able to top last year's Valentine's Day surprises (I mean, getting engaged is a pretty big deal!) Well it did. Because being married made yesterday so much more special.

Although Nate was sick Sunday (with the flu or food poisoning) and he was still weak and malnourished, he told me he was going to make dinner for us. And I couldn't help. 

So after work I came home to a box of chocolates and a beautiful dozen of red roses. Then he made a four course dinner (some of it was pre-prepared food from Target, but their stuff is so good)

appetizer: cheese bruschetta that we dipped in spinach dip
soup: cheese and broccoli
main course: steamed asparagus and ham and cheese stuffed chicken
dessert: peanut butter and fudge stack

It was absolutely delicious. And the room looked beautiful with my roses on the table and candles spread around.

And after dinner we were going to wait to open presents, but Nate was too excited. So he opened his presents first. I got him some treats (for when he feels better), a game, and a shirt.

But then he put the topping on the cake with my gift. a sewing machine.I am so spoiled. I told him I wanted a sewing machine for my birthday (not till August) but he decided not to wait. And to rationalize spending more than our budget, it was a congratulations gift for getting my second job. Either way, he is a wonderful husband.

I am so grateful that he is mine.


  1. What a wonderful Valentine's Day. So fun for you both.

  2. It sounds like you have a great husband.

  3. Yes, you are spoiled, but let him continue spoiling you. HA HA!