Tuesday, February 1

Two jobs

On Friday we went out to dinner to celebrate. 'Celebrate what?' you might ask. Friday afternoon I finally received a call from Heritage (which is where Nate works) to offer me a part time job as a front desk administrative assistant. So I'll be working about 18 hours a week... And I may be able to get more hours in a couple months when another girl takes maternity leave.After applying for 2 other full time positions and not getting hired, I was very excited to get the call.

And it works perfect with my teaching hours. I teach Tuesday through Thursday from 9 to 12:20. I've been teaching for the past month, a level one grammar class and a level two integrated skills class. There are five or six levels total, so the students I have are pretty beginning. I've lived teaching and I'm so happy to be working in a field that I actually studied in college. Over the month I've already seen the students progress some, and it's such a gratifying experience. However I already feel so attached to them and it makes me sad when they leave my class for various reasons. I am glad if they leave my classes to move to a higher level, cause that means they're learning lots.

Anyway, although haven so much free time was sometimes nice, as a whole I was pretty bored throughout the day. I'm excited to have these two jobs, and I still think I'll have enough time to clean, cook, do crafts, browse and whatever else I might need to do around the house. I'm also excited that we'll be able to save a good amount of money every month for whatever accidents or problems come about or to eventually pay a down payment on a house.

I started training this week at heritage, and the hours are 3 to 8, which will be pretty awful come Friday night, but its paid and they feed us dinner, so hopefully it won't be too bad.


  1. No Worries about friday nights, I am working until 8 too. At least its not 10 or 11 when you get off! =) It'll be ok. Promise. I am working on Saturday Night too now. So we will have to start planning later night activities.