Thursday, November 11

Tonight, I'm sitting online as the students in my class are in the back row taking a test. We're not in our classroom because its so darn cold in there. The computer lab is much warmer.

I'm counting down the days till this semester is over. I only have 17 days of class left. 17! Then 4 finals and I will be a college graduate! As long as I can get all my homework turned in, in the meantime. I've got 3 research papers due this semester. I've only started one, but a rough draft of another is due Monday, and a presentation based on the third is Tuesday. But I'm just looking forward to the weekend.

I love the weekends because I get to spend time with my husband. During the week we're so busy we hardly see each other. Like today, we kissed goodbye at 8:45 this morning, and I'll pick him up from work at 9:15. That's a long time apart. So I'm excited to snug him all weekend long, and especially to sleep in on Saturday.

I love sleeping in. And I love waking up next to my husband. Especially on those days where we can just lay in bed for a while. Lay in bed and cuddle.

The puppy is getting much better. He didn't have any potty accidents on Monday. And Tuesday, he was good too. Even though, poor guy, was left home alone in his "area" from 8:00am till about 4:45pm. That's a long time for anyone to go without peeing. Especially a puppy. Today he's accident free, so far too. So that'd be two days this week. I'm so proud.

I took him on a walk today, when I got home. It was hard to convince myself to go back out into the cold. But it was worth it. I loved kicking the fall leaves up onto his face as he tried to bite them as they were falling down. Plus, apparently he's afraid of other people. When we saw anyone else walking on the sidewalk towards us, even within 50 feet or so, he froze. Silly puppy. He even froze when a group of kids, walked near us.

Back to my class. They're just finishing the writing section now. On to reading. I'm glad I don't have to take tests like that anymore. It reminds me of the ACT. Except that was much MUCH longer.

The days are getting shorter and shorter. That's another thing I hate about winter. Besides the freezing part. It'll be 5:00 at night and it feels like its 10:00 because it's already so dark out. It makes me glad I don't live in Alaska. Where there's some days that aren't really light at all. But I do like Alaska though. I want to go there with Nate someday. Its beautiful. And I'm sure he'd love it. Especially cause he'd love to go fishing.

Its too cold for me to go fishing anymore. I went a couple times last year with Nate when there was snow on the ground, and even when it was snowing. I don't think I fished. Just watched. But I don't think I can do that this year. Too cold. But, Nate and Dain are going fishing on Saturday. Crazy boys.

Dain is going to be moving away soon. Nate is pretty heart broken about it. Ever since he's been in Utah, so has Dain. And they were roommates the whole time too. Till we got married. Being married is better I think. But its still hard to have brother (bestfriend) move across the country. And to not have him here to go fishing with.

I hate having my brother live across the country too. Which reminds me, we really need to skype them. That adorable little girl is growing up too quickly, and I'm missing so much of it. But we're going out there for Christmas. So that'll be REALLY great. Only 43 days till Christmas. We're flying to Virginia on Christmas day. I can't wait.

Well that's enough of my random thoughts. Love love. Especially to our military today.

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  1. Be careful about taking Aspen on walks where other dogs have been because when they're that young they catch diseases very easily. Puppies aren't supposed to be around other dogs or where other dogs have been until they're about 4 months old I believe. <Sorry, had to get my puppy advice in. Otherwise, sounds like you have a pretty busy life! Good luck finishing up all your school work on time and that's so exciting that you're graduating! :) Congrats!