Sunday, April 25

With both sets of parents in town this week I have been eating way too much food, more food than my body is used to, and way more than I should be eating. Matt and Sandi took us out to eat on Wednesday night at a Brewery in Park City and I got a burger. On Thursday we (the Berrett clan) went to one of our favorite Chinese restaurants, Saigon, and then to Spoon it Up for some frozen yogurt afterward. Friday afternoon my parents took Anthony and I out to dinner at this yummy Italian restaurant (Terra Mia, very authentic tasting, and pretty good prices too). Friday for dinner Nate and I went up to Bountiville to celebrate with the family for Sandi's birthday at an Italian restaurant, we both got personal pizzas and then we went to grandma Renee's after for German chocolate cake. Today, my mom and I went out to breakfast with Claire and her mom (the mom's have been FB friends for a while, but have never met, since they were both in town this weekend we thought it was the perfect time). And then dinner tonight was at Outback Steakhouse with the Berrett parents and the Garrett parents (and Nate and I). Our parents met for the first time today which turned out to be wonderful. Today we are eating dinner at my grandparents, which will be my first homemade meal since Wednesday, but Grandma always makes a lot, so I plan on being stuffed after that meal too. At least I feel semi decent about myself because I have enough leftovers for about 3 different meals, so maybe that means I didn't eat too much...?

Sandi threw a wonderful family  bridal shower for me yesterday with the help of her sister, mother and nieces. It was so much fun and I got so many of the things we registered for. It was a kitchen themed shower so I got our plate set, and our pots and pans set, etc. I got so many great things and it made me so excited to have our own little place. I just wish we could fast forward 2 months to having our own place now. I'm really anxious to use all our new things.

It really is so much fun to have had our parents in town this weekend, its sad to see them go. We said goodbye to the Berretts last night and will say goodbye to my parents tonight. We have been spoiled having both sets here. Next time we see them both will be for our wedding. I can't wait till then!


  1. i hope you got atleast one skanky piece of apparel. because you will find out that you can EVEN have fun in the kitchen!

  2. I didn't get a single skanky thing....only my mother and my mother in law telling me i can wear my aprons around the house with nothing else on.... it was awkward.

    but i need another shower so i can get some cute OTHER things :)