Wednesday, July 20

Tomorrow morning Nate and I will be dropping the pup off at a dog hotel and driving up to the beautiful Missoula Montana. We will be staying with my 'aunt Cindy' (although she really is my 3rd cousin one generation removed actually).

Nate has never been to Montana and I haven't been in enough years that I actually remember anything about it. While we are there we will probably go:

to Glacier National Park
to the farmer's market
But most of all, we are both so excited to have FIVE days off work, and time to spend with each other. See you next week, when we return!


  1. Have fun! I'm sure it will be beautiful :)

  2. I cant wait to see pictures! It looks beautiful!

  3. Oh how fun! I am going up to Wyoming next week to be in the outdoors kind of like you! Camping and fishing and 4wheeling!!! So fun! Where do you work? And if you need a good pet hotel in Provo I know of a good one!

    And I was so confused when you said mallows...haha...because I did put them in there lol. Anyways, those are freaking amazing!!!

    Ashley Sloan