Thursday, August 4

Travel Bug.

While browsing pinterest I have become addicted to looking at pictures of beautiful places throughout the world and it has made me get the travel bug really bad. However, Nate and I have other big plans in the future (no, not a baby yet) that will cost a lot of money, and traveling to Europe might not be an option for a while.

But I've come to the decision that when the time comes we shouldn't just travel to Europe for one or two weeks (there is WAY too much I want to revisit, and new things I want to see). But instead we should move over there! Okay, don't freak out, I only want to move for a year, maybe two (or three.) And this is how we can do it. I can teach English!

Now don't go off on me and say something like everyone wants to teach English in Europe so they can study. What makes you think you're special enough? Want to know WHY I am special? Because I already teach English in the United States, and by the time this plan would actually come to pass I'll have at least like 3 years of experience, (okay more, cause if the big money spending plans come to pass, we'll probably have to be in Utah at least 5 to 6 more years) and I speak German already. (Side note: I've decided I need to study. Although I do LOVE not being in school I do miss German and my linguistics/TESOL classes, so I'm in the process of deciding what to study first and how to study and I'm going to try spending at least 30 minutes to an hour of my free time at work studying.) And the last reason I am so special goes along with the first, but I minored in TESOL and I have a certificate and everything. And according to this website these things give me an advantage.

Anyway, there are tons of tech jobs in Germany that are available and I'm sure we could find one in Austria too, for Nate to take. And I really wouldn't mind living in Germany either, so that would be perfect. Okay, that's my life goal right now. I know its so far away, and I'll still have to get over there in the next 1 to 2 years, but I think I would be very happy looking forward to living there in 6 years. Okay, now I just need to pass this plan off with Nate too.


  1. YES!!!!!!!!!! That would be so cool. Be warned. I will visit you guys, ALOT!

    I've been trying to convince Brandon we should move to London, except his bonuses would be taxed 90% over there. YIKES. But I would love to do it one day.

    I say go for it! You guys can do it for sure!

  2. oh man we wanted to move to germany too! maybe some day if/when phil starts racing, he wants to race for audi! crossing our fingers for you and for us!!

  3. You should definitely do it! I think that would be so much fun! Just start applying and see what happens! I took 4 years of German in high school and loved grandma is 100% German and we have been there twice! I love Duetschland!!!

    And yes try those tortillas, amazing! I also love uncooked ones! And we went camping for 2 days in northern Wyoming, an hour-ish outside of Yellowstone close to where my grandparents live!!! And I just entered your giveaway on the other blog :) Hope I win!!!

  4. I am late, but Happy Birthday! Loving your blog, Cute pictures!