Thursday, May 31


Nate and I were able to go up to Tabiona a couple weeks ago. It was gorgeous. We have decided it might be our favorite camping spot (instead of Scofield - though I still love it there too). But in Tabby its gorgeous, and the spot is right next to the river, and fishing is actually good.

The evening we got there we fishing was good. I caught 3 fish and Nate caught 1 or 2. We had tin foil dinners with potatoes, ground beef, and onions. And for breakfast the next morning we had our usual breakfast burritos (with homemade pork sausage - yum!)

I absolutely love our queen sized sleeping bag (we bought it for ourselves last year as an anniversary gift) and its so warm, and so comfortable, and the best part we can actually snuggle in our tent.

Aspen still loves camping. He loves sniffing and running through the woods to find anything and everything he can. Anyway, it was an awesome trip. Here's some pictures:



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  1. How did I miss this post!?! The pictures are gorgeous. What fun. I love you two.