Wednesday, September 12

Utah State Fair

I've lived in Utah for 18 of my 24 years. That's 75 percent of my life. That's a lot. Well, the point of this is, I've lived in Utah for 18 years and I have NEVER, not ONCE, not EVER gone to the Utah State Fair. Until this year. 

That's right, sweet 24.

Nate and I went to the fair last Friday after work. 

Well let me just say, it is pretty dang expensive. 10 if you buy tickets at the door, 7.75 online. Plus then of course at the fair you have to partake in the delicious fair food, and that's at least 6 bus a person, and then the cheapest ride is 4 bucks a person. And then we had to get a funnel cake to end the night.

Anyway, we had fun, but we probably won't be going back for another 12 years. 

So while we were there we ate some food, saw lots of stinky animals, rode on the ferris wheel, ate a funnel cake, and looked at the photography exhibit.

We first looked at an art exhibit. Then for dinner I got a bacon cheeseburger, Nate got a philly cheese steak and we shared some fries. We saw lots of animals, cows, pigs, goats, and sheep. My favorite were the babies of each of them. We rode the ferris wheel and tried kissing each time we got to the top. Nate tried making 1 basket in a game, but unfortunately didn't make it do I didn't get a giant stuffed animal. We got a DELICIOUS funnel cake with bavarian cream and strawberry sauce on top. Then we went to see the photography exhibit, and got inspired by some cool pictures.

Also, they didn't have ANY drinking fountains in the whole place, at least where we went. Actually in the photography area there were fountains, but 2 of the 4 were missing the buttons to push and the other 2 had the lowest amount of water pressure I've ever seen.

I hope to go to Oktoberfest soon, and I got a new job that I'll tell you more about once I actually start. Life is so so good!

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