Friday, April 5

25 Reasons

Nate turned 25 last month, which makes him a quarter of a century, which means, old, but I am not too far behind. For his birthday, because he always knows what he is going to get, I wanted to do something simple and cute that he would like, that would be a surprise addition to his expected gift. Because he turned 25 I wrote a list of 25 things that I love about him and stuck each thing on a sticker on a mini reeses cup candy. I think he liked it.

Here are 25 reasons why I love Nate!

1. He is handsome
2. He is the best snuggler.
3. He taste tests all my new recipes
4. He calls me beautiful.
5. He helps support our family.
6. He will be the best father.
7. He makes me feel special.
8. He is hilarious and can always make me laugh.
9. He has the best smile.
10. He makes up the best songs.
11. He always takes care of me.
12. He supports me in all my aspirations.
13. He is a great cook.
14. He is the best kisser.
15. He will always protect me.
16. He is my best friend.
17. He is spontaneous.
18. He gives the best gifts.
19. He is a handy man.
20. He accepts me for me.
21. He sends me cute text messages.
22. He is romantic.
23. He is as weird as I am.
24. He is mine.
25. He loves me.

Awwwww <3

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  1. Oooooh man. I'm OLD. I turned 25 in January, ha ha. This is the sweetest list! You two are adorable!