Thursday, March 18


We officially paid the deposit for our honeymoon cruise last night. The rest isn't due till the end of April, but we wanted to secure our spots and the lower prices. We'll be leaving Monday evening out of Long Beach with stops in Catalina and Ensenada. We'll be returning Friday morning.

Nate plans on eating a lot of food, but exercising a lot too, so that we don't gain too much weight.

I plan on laying out and tanning, on the ship, and the beaches.

And, I'm just really excited.


  1. I've been on that cruise! You will love it! Take advantage of their never-ending supply of ice cream and pina colada's. They're to die for!

  2. we did that same cruise! wahhoooooo. hope yours turns out a lot better than ours. and i hope/know a lot more than cuddling will be going on!