Thursday, March 11

Happy Birthday Nate!!

My dear sweet fiance is turning 22 tomorrow. I am so grateful that he was born twenty two years ago so that he could be in my life today.

My favorite things about Nate are:
     1. The way he will talk in some completely goofy voice or tickle me or do a ridiculous dance so that I'll laugh and forget that I was upset at him for something. Nate can be so odd duck sometimes, and he loves the attention he gets from it. But this also means he can make me laugh in an instant.
     2. His obsession with technology. Unfortunately this means our pockets will get emptied of money pretty quickly, because there is always going to be something new coming out. But, it also means that I'll be set for life. If my poor little lappy dies, well don't worry cause Nate's got a desktop, a lap top and now a home theater PC that I can use. Plus his skills with the technological world mean he has the best job a full time college student could ask for and will hopefully mean that after graduation he'll be able to get a good job to support our future family.
     3. He is so smart. He is working 40 hours a week, while taking 12 credits and is still getting better grades than me. People like him usually frustrate me when they're in my classes cause they can study half the time that I do for a test and still receive a much better grade than me. At least I'm almost done with school so I won't  have to worry about my grades much longer.
     4. His good looks. Of course he knows it, but the first thing to grab my attention was indeed not his loud mouth, but his looks. He has one of the most beautiful smiles I've ever seen, and he didn't even need braces. Sometimes I get really jealous that he has perfect tan skin and white white straight teeth, but at least he's mine to look at.
     5.  He is so sweet to me. Especially since we've been engaged I feel like Nate has grown to be even kinder and more patient with me. He spoils me all the time, and I love it when he surprises me with some little treat or flowers. He even went and saw Twilight with me this week just because he knew I was interested in seeing it.
     6. For some odd reason he's fallen in love with me. And I'm so grateful for that, because conveniently enough I've fallen for him too. 
     7. He is just all around wonderful. He's smart, he's funny, he's kind, he's spiritual, he's talented, he's attractive, he's ridiculous, he's mine. I can't wait till he's my husband!

Happy Birthday Babe. I hope its the first we spend together or MANY more to come. I love you.