Monday, September 26

Labor Day

For Labor Day weekend we were lucky enough to have my parents drive up for the weekend to visit us. They left early Saturday morning and arrived around 4:00 in the afternoon. We spent most of the evening just relaxing at our house. But we were able to walk to The Chocolate and get one of our favorite desserts ever, the cazooki (my own recipe version coming soon). 

Sunday morning we went to church and then right after we packed up and drove to Tabiona, to spend a night in the wild, camping of course. The weather was absolutely perfect, and the company was even better. We enjoyed chatting, fishing, picking wild raspberries, campfire sitting, water balloon launching, cobber eating, air rifle shooting, picture taking and more. 

Don't mind the few hiccups we had, with some charcoal falling in our cobbler and mom being a little worried about her restroom facilities. But it all worked out, there was a campground close with bathrooms, and we picked out the big pieces of charcoal and enjoyed our cobbler anyway.

It was a perfect weekend. Thanks for coming to visit, Mom and Dad. We always love you and our time together.
The start to our cobbler, with fresh peaches from our tree and peach sauce for the liquid.

Aspen loves to sniff fish, whenever we catch them. Nate caught 3 which he, Mom and Dad ate for breakfast.

What is this picture?! The cover of our water balloon launcher.

Aspen loved trying to catch the water balloons across the street.

Gorgeous Tabby.

A hummingbird. I was able to get really close.

And finally we took a few pictures using the car as a tripod and my camera remote.

And one with the pup for good measure.

A feather I found on our rifle shooting adventure.

gorgeous Tabiona again. One of our favorite places in the world.

The tiniest fish, caught fly fishing. Aspen, as always the investigator pup.

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