Tuesday, October 18


Nate and I have been able to go on some really fun hikes this summer. We found a list of hikes in the area and wanted to be able to do all of them by the end of the summer, but unfortunately only ended up doing 3 of the hikes on the list. However, we've found some other fun ones to do, and as it looks like we'll be in the area for a while, we'll have plenty of time to do the rest of the hikes on the list in upcoming summers, or maybe even a couple of them this fall.

Timp Caves: Although this trail is fairly aggressive, with its steep inclines, it is not too long, and has gorgeous views of the canyon along the way. Beware of falling rock as you walk up, because it seems to happen regularly, however the rock pieces seemed quite small, regardless of how excited the park rangers got that something was happening. Once you get in the cave the cool temperatures will help you take a break from the heat, but you may even need a jacket as it stays cold the whole way through. The sites inside the cave are cool too see, though I don't think its something we'll need to see again any time soon.

Battle Creek Falls: While my parents were visiting we were able to go on the short hike to the falls. The hike is only about 1 mile and is fairly easy. The water coming from the falls was so powerful because of the extra rain this year, so we didn't play in them, but the the cool mist from the falls, was enough to help cool our bodies down from the beating summer sun.

Stewart Falls: Although the trail was very skinny, and hardly fit the 3 of us, plus the people coming the other direction, the trail was fairly easy, and the view of the waterfall made the steep inclines worth it. We had fun on the way back as we met a couple with a female black lab, that we were able to talk with and enjoy the views down. However, beware of the stinging nettle on the side of the path in some places. I brushed against some when we were at the falls. (Coming soon. Stewart Falls Round 2)

Mouth of the Canyon: We decided to forge our own trail up the mountain, and ended up on the north side of the mouth of the canyon, which opened to a beautiful view. Although there was not very much shade and we forgot to bring water, the heat only slowed Aspen down a little, and the view was worth it. We have heard that there is an easier trail if you start from behind Will's Canyon Stop instead of Timp Park where we began.

Squaw Peak: We only started this trail because we didn't have enough time. But the view was amazing, and its definitely somewhere we will be returning. We passed a family on the trail, and they said its about 40 minutes, but is an easy trail the whole way and opens up to a look out of Rock Canyon or something similar.

We are so happy to have been able to do so many different hikes throughout the summer/warm weather. We feel so blessed to live in an area with so many wonderful sights to be seen through nature.


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